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As we look forward with excitement about the prospects & potential that exists in the world of digital media in Indonesia and beyond, we are looking to develop our own websites that complement our existing businesses.

Our first owned and operated website caters for sales & rentals of various types of properties in Bali. We will encourage other real estate agents to join with us to create a one-stop property portal. As the name is English, the website will be in both English & Indonesia and cater mainly for the International marketplace.

During 2016 we hope to establish a property portal focused on the Indonesian market and we are in talks now with key media & real estate agents to work with us to make this a success. We intend to take this innovative model to other countries in Asia.


Property, Travel & Holiday Accommodation Websites
We aim to develop a group of websites to meet the needs of the ever increasing Indonesian population. With already 240 Million people living here, Indonesia offers fantastic long term opportunities. We intend to create likeable functional websites that can grow in time as does the population.

Upcoming Projects include;
* Bali Property - sales & rentals
* Indonesian Property Portal
* Hotel Booking website with a focus on Bali
* Sell your own home - (English & Indonesian)
* Holiday Promotion Website - Worldwide


Those interested to invest and share with us on this exciting journey can email us at to discuss this in more detail.

Imkindo Vision

As we embark on our journey to develop the Digital Media division, we encourage those we may wish to invest to get in touch to discuss all possible options.



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